Reach Agrotech Pvt Ltd

About us

Reach Agrotech Pvt Ltd is the leading brand of Green house shadow net and humane pest & bird control solutions worldwide, protecting human health, wildlife & the environment in which we all live the Jaipur-based company manufactures a complete line of unique pest control products with an unmatched focus on quality, efficacy & customer service.
We render professional assistance for the complete fabrication and installation of Shadow Hall Greenhouses. Available in various models and styles, the structure is suitable for small nurseries, indoor and nursery plants and vegetable cultivation in a controlled environment where conditions viz. temperature, humidity, light intensity, and photo period are maintained. We maintain an exceptionally strong commitment to new product development – putting the latest scientific discoveries innovative thinking,state-of-the-art technology into each of our products.

We are also passionate about providing sustainable solutions. That’s why we has been leading the movement to develop, improve, & offer ‘green’ repellent solutions

We have proven that wildlife & pest populations can be controlled & kept in areas where they are safe from harm – where they are unable to cause harm. Our products not only prevent pest infestation, property damage, the spread of disease, & workplace liability – they also eliminate the need for chemical pesticides, poisons & dangerous traps.